• 2012

Company Description

Professional production & recording facility. Formerly One On One Recording. Recorded here: Metallica, Etta James, Marvin Is Gay.

Magical comes to mind—but you’d have to know their history. Metallica’s Black Album, the group’s best-selling record in the last 20 years, was recorded here. The Grey Room, producer extraordinaire Richard Landis’ replica of his home studio: They’ve got it. Mix in some pivotal modernization and you get a rare synthesis of method, style and function that is the soul of 17 Hertz. Working with them will always be a step beyond: Forget your expectations, thay’re out to surpass! From independent labels to major artists, orchestra to vocals, innovation is their bottom line. At their all-in-one recording complex, any size project is within reach. Extra space to practice and jam 24/7, a nearby dance studio for choreographing—17 Hertz is YOUR full service studio. Their home is in the NoHo Arts District, at the heart of the ‘new Hollywood’—a bona fide locus of creative revolution— and on the pulse of the newest technology and expertise.