• 2007 September 01

Company Description

1DollarClub.org provides support for children after a tragic loss.

Making a difference in the world 1 dollar at a time. Hereâ€:tm:s how the foundation works: Anyone who donates is limited to one dollar and one dollar only. Once youâ€:tm:ve donated, you then invite your social network to also donate. These donors then follow suit with their networks. The real way to make the 1DollarClubTM work is by activating the individuals in your social network to donate. So no matter if you are Richard Branson, Bill Gates, or just an average Josephine or Joe – your dollar has the same impact and power as anyone elseâ€:tm:s. Plus, you can track your fund-raising effectiveness by watching your 1FactorTM grow. The 1FactorTM is a unique tool invented to track your progress in getting your network to join the 1DollarClubTM and is able to asses the value of an individuals social network.