Company Description

1UP Industries is an innovation, software development.

1UP Industries is an innovation, software development, and user-experience focused company powered by founder Jeff Bargmann. From installing sod onto his 4x8 Ann Arbor, Michigan balcony to using technology in creative and useful ways, Jeff has always had a passion for practical innovation. Through his career Jeff has independently created products which have earned over 10 million downloads and have shipped on tens of millions of computers sold by Dell and HP worldwide. Examples of his work include the acclaimed icon organizer Fences, iPhone photo organizer PhotoSocial, and interactive launcher apps ObjectDock and the Dell Dock. In his time at Stardock Corporation Jeff served as strategic management, with daily responsibilities including project lead for the Impulse digital-distribution platform. Impulse was sold to GameStop Corporation in early 2011. Jeff is currently earning his MBA from the University of Michigan with a focus on entrepreneurship and strategy, and is active on projects for both the Windows and iOS platforms.