• 1999

Company Description

2000Charge, Inc. is a global financial services organization.

2000Charge, Inc. is a global financial services organization established in 1999 to provide e-commerce merchants an end-to-end solution for credit card alternatives. As the pioneer in Alternative Payments, the company operates worldwide and has global reach in the European Union, Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the United States. Many of their products were among the first to be introduced to the online payment market. Their company provides a global payment infrastructure to assist in maximizing conversions of international traffic and revenue streams with a broad portfolio of payment solutions local to consumers. They focus on high-growth, payment-related and internet-related services and consolidate the entire portfolio of solutions to streamline the checkout process for international consumers.

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    Financial Services
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    2000Charge, Inc. 530 South Lake Avenue, Suite 303
    Pasadena, CA
    United States
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