• 2015

Company Description

Goodbye Glasses! Introducing Smartphone Screens that will Correct Your Vision

A new cutting-edge technology invented by researchers at the University of California Berkeley is creating quite the buzz. This innovative technology enables people to view their smartphones, tablets, and other devices without having to wear eyeglasses!! This exciting new technology has been featured in high profile publications such as Forbes, FOXNews, CBS News and BBC News. Scientific American even called it one of the top 10 world changing inventions in 2014. Their solution allows people to view their devices without having to wear glasses, contacts, or receive extensive surgeries. Their proprietary technology can be retrofitted to your current electronic devices to help you read emails, view videos or search the web without the annoying and expensive headgear! This technology is a combination of a simple pinhole mask layer on standard screens along with their proprietary software. This software alteration in the display content will allow the individual to see the image in sharp focus without wearing corrective eyewear.