• 1996

Company Description

Invoicing & e-procurement solutions

20/20 vision Europe is a Dutch company that provides successful standard solutions for managing Budget2Pay processes as well as electronic invoicing. 20/20 vision's software solutions are developed in-house, which enables for a swift and adequate response to sudden market changes. Currently 20/20 vision has four modules for the budget to pay process: purchasemanagement, contract management, invoice processing and budget control. Besides considerable savings in costs and time, these modules reduce the number of manual operations and create a transferable and verifiable process. 20/20 vision has developed an extended electronic invoicing solution called E-invoicing plus. E-invoicing plus allows clients to send electronic invoices compliant with European legislation. Amongst other functions are digital dispatching and electronic signatures. 20/20 vision has been active on the procurement market since 1996 and currently operates from three offices. With headquarters based in Rijswijk in the Netherlands and two branch offices operating from Spain and Ukraine, 20/20 vision Europe provides procurement management solutions to the satisfaction of 100 customers located throughout Europe. 20/20 vision Europe engages in development and implementation of software solutions for optimisation of purchase to payment processes. 20/20 vision aspires to a future in which organizations have full control over the process from budget to payment and have automated the exchange of trade messages like purchase orders and invoices. In origin the term 20/20 vision stands for the best possible human eyesight. People with 20/20 vision will not be rejected for flight training based on their eyesight. 20/20 vision Europe has adopted this phrase as a metaphore for providing their clients the clearest possible view of their process from budget to payment and outgoing e-invoicing.