• 2013 February 26

Company Description

Reshaping life through technology and unique user experience.

THE PROBLEM People risk their lives and get tickets for drunk driving. Every day drivers risk others’ life and their own. There are several reasons why having a personal breathalyzer with you is recommended now more than ever: • 25% of car accidents is related to DUI • legal BAC level dropped in key countries like the US • Increasingly more countries will require the presence of a Breathalyzer in the car THE SOLUTION FLOOME can monitor your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and it gives you the necessary time to recover if you are above the legal limit. FLOOME combines in a high accuracy, fashion design, and price. FLOOME has unmatched features, such as: • Endless battery life
• Sleek Italian design and best usability on the market • International patent pending technology covering the professional grade accuracy, battery life and low manufacturing costs • Retail price • High accuracy; same sensors used by law enforcement officers • Connects to any iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone through the standard headphone jack • The proprietary app displays the BAC as well as other helpful and relevant information like the time to recovery • Customizable colors and limited branded versions (with car TMs, and alike).