• 2012

Company Description

21Brains is an integrated suite of apps that enables purchasing and procurement professionals to create and share custom catalogs.

21Brains is an integrated suite of mobile and web apps that enables Purchasing and Procurement professionals, from small businesses to multinational companies, to digitally create and share custom catalogs of suppliers and products with colleagues, partners and customers. In addition to creating and managing your digital catalogs whenever you attend conferences, trade shows, factories, supplier/customer facilities, 21Brains allows you to collaborate and communicate with your distributed workforce, no matter where they are and what device they use. Your company is bursting with knowledge. 21Brains will help you find it! Finally, you can leave a trade show or factory tour without stacks of brochures, papers, and handwritten notes. Make notes, track data, take photos and videos, digitally collect business cards, all on your device of choice, with a more natural, sleek, touch interface. Welcome to the 21st Century of Sourcing.