• 2012

Company Description

24me is a tech company building the next generation digital personal assistant for everyone.

24me is an award winning Personal Assistant, named by Apple 'App Store Best of 2014', and featured by Google, Apple and Amazon. 24me uses Machine learning, Big Data technologies and Artificial Intelligence to provide people with anticipatory information when they need it most, and it gets tasks and errands done automatically, like a real Personal Assistant would. 24me is a breakthrough concept, providing a one stop shop to manage daily life, with a suite of productivity tools in one product: a smart predictive calendar unified with an automatic Task manager, Smart notes and connectivity to real life accounts. with 24me you can navigate to meetings from your calendar, pay bills, outsource errands, greet friends for special events, send real gifts and much more – all from within the 24me. It’s a product that works for you. It automatically generates personal reminders, organizes the schedule and auto-completes tasks and errands. Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, experts in Technology, Product management and UI, and are on a mission: to save their most precious resource: their TIME. Read more: www.twentyfour.me