• 2016 September 01

Company Description

Gamified Activity Management Software for Sales Organizations in Financial Services

Tier 25’s mobile software platform for on-boarding and developing new advisors helps managers condition new and emerging financial professionals to the prospecting and selling habits that ensure their success. Designed exclusively for the Financial Services Industry, Tier 25 is a critical support system for New Advisors, and an invaluable tool for Field Managers to enhance the coaching experience provided to their team. Modeled after GAMA Hall of Fame inductee John Baier's 25-Point System, Tier 25 provides what no CRM or business productivity tool offers – a seamless, easy-to-use mobile application built to create engagement across the organization. With customized goal setting, real-time activity tracking, and gamified progress reports to fit your organization, Vivo is the FitBit for Financial Professionals.