Company Description

The Best Way to Tip Online

25c is the best way to tip content creators online. '''25c''' is a microdonation system that allows users to send small payments to the creators of online content. Each click on a 25c button results in a 25 cent pledge. Once a user has accumulated $10 USD of pledges, they are asked to fund their pledges by entering a credit card or linking to their Dwolla account. The 25c button is like a tipjar on the internet. Anyone who has a website, blog, or Youtube video can easily embed the 25c Button/Link -- and start receiving 25c pledges in a breeze. The +25c Button essentially combines a 'Like' with a 25-cent pledge and integrated payment processing. +25c is “multi-one-click”, so clicking it twice pledges 50 cents, etc. The goal is to provide creators with an additional source of income based on a direct connection with their biggest supporters.