Company Description

280 North was a web software development startup company formed in 2008 by college friends Tom Robinson, Francisco Tolmasky, and Ross Boucher. 280 North was funded by Y Combinator. It was purchased by Motorola in 2010. Tolmasky and Boucher both previously worked for Apple, on the iPhone and iTunes respectively.They created a software stack that includes Objective-J, which relates to Javascript in the same way that Objective-C relates to C, and Cappuccino, which is a port of the Apple Cocoa API. Cappuccino and Objective-J have been released as open source software. Their first major release was 280 Slides, which is presentation software similar to Apple's Keynote or Microsoft's PowerPoint, but that works entirely in a web browser using JavaScript. Their next project was a drag-and-drop visual integrated development environment for web applications named Atlas, which could work with the iPhone API. Atlas was to be open-sourced, but, after acquiring 280 North, Motorola apparently decided to keep Atlas private.

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    United States
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    • Tom Robinson
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