• 2016

Company Description

A security solution for mobile developers, to help them in protecting their incomes from cyber criminals.

2ASPIRE comes from an idea elaborated by the team while working on a research project in the Software Engineering unit at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK). FBK is not only a widely known research center located in Trento, Italy, but also a stimulating place to make brilliant intuitions become first ideas and then solutions. 2ASPIRE was born with the intention of exploiting the awesome results of ASPIRE, a research project of 3 years (2013-2016) funded by the European Union. The project was a success, putting together European excellences from academia and industry to bring mobile software protections to the next new level. In concrete, ASPIRE involved FBK, and the Software Engineering research unit, with the objective of elaborating and integrating novel and strong protection approaches to defend smartphone apps against tampering attacks.