• 2013 November 01

Company Description

30minMBA is an international rising startup star and an award-winning Swedish startup within mobile learning.

30minMBA – An award-winning mobile learning company for high engagement in the workplace We believe that successful companies are built upon successful individuals. We also believe that high employee engagement is the key for any successful company. High engagement leads to every individual doing his or her best every day, feeling motivated to contribute to the company and its success as well as committed to the company’s values and goals with a great sense of their own well-being. It’s a state where people thrive and bring that extra spark to their contribution to the company. 30minMBA is an award-winning company dedicated to mobile learning and behavioral change designed for high-performing companies who want to give their people the opportunity to develop their business skills with a focus on increasing engagement in the workplace. Learn actionable business concepts on the go and apply them instantly. Learn more at 30minMBA.com