• 2016

Company Description

32/7 offers a highly curated marketplace with rich editorial for career-focused moms.

32/7 is changing how career-focused millennial moms shop for themselves and their children. By offering chic, on-trend products for mom and baby and contextualizing exclusively curated collections with supporting editorial, 32/7 is becoming the premier online retailer within the $4.2 trillion mom industry. 32/7’s core differentiator is our high-margin sales strategy, wherein we leverage key relationship with brands to achieve wholesale margins, as well as produce 32/7 private label product, which will ship direct from the factory to consumers. Exclusive sourcing capabilities enable 32/7 to deliver new on-trend and eco-friendly product every two weeks. Our drop ship model eliminates the extra costs of double shipping and warehousing, allowing us to aim for prices equal to or lower than can be found anywhere on the web or in stores. 32/7’s customer experience and social media reach is redefining how women think of motherhood, career and fashion.