• 2015

Company Description

360 Enterprise Security Group

360 Enterprise Security Group, established in 2015, and is an integrated group that provide new-generation security products and security services for the government and enterprises. 360 Enterprise Security Group has integrated 360’s technical, human resources, products, data and service capabilities in the field of security. With 'protecting the security of the large data age' as its mission, 'data-driven security' as its technical idea, and data collection and analysis as its support, 360 Enterprise Security Group has launched a number of innovative security products and security services urgently needed by enterprise-class customers. From cloud to terminal, from the business to the data, from individuals to businesses, from before events to after events, 360 Enterprise Security Group provide users with ubiquitous protection, and it not only focuses on specific security threats protection, but is more committed to building enterprise information security ecological environment. In today's cloud computing and large data age, it provide users with multi-level, multi-dimensional, and systematic in-depth defense solutions to help users improve the comprehensive response to new security threats and ensure truly effective security.