• 2009 November 01

Company Description

Digital Imagery Platform

360revelations is the innovative digital imagery platform that combines 360 photography and 3D gaming technology to create interactive visual experiences. Using our ‘custom made†service we enable brands and agencies to engage consumers with a simple to use, visually immersive and fun experience – wherever they are, via their mobile device. Our platform provides the brand the ability to interact with the consumer by providing content in completely new and unique ways. Our ‘on device†option means anyone can capture their personal experiences in a full 360 degree view, on their phone quickly and for free. Better still these experiences can be shared real-time both amongst their social network and with a wider audience should they choose. It will be free to download and easy to use, so anyone can create a truly interactive experience. Whether user or commercially created content this can be delivered across multiple platforms including IPhone, Android, Windows, Palm, Samsung Bada with others already in development. Thereâ€s something for everyone with 360revelations whether it is a business directly, a creative agency or a personal user.