• 2010 June 01

Company Description

Internet Advertising Specialists

3City Advertising offers a cost effective, Eco-friendly alternative to traditional print media advertising (yellowbook, newspaper, etc.). Essentially, helping professionals increase their online exposure by offering premium leasible Internet real estate. Each leasible space includes a fully personalized, fully customizable advertisement with 24/7/365 secure online access via login name and password. Instead of optimizing websites on an individual basis, 3City Advertising optimizes their own and leases space to professionals for much less than what it would cost for them to do it themselves. The break down is as follows: First, for a select number of industry related keywords, 3City Advertising guarantees their websites to land on the first page of Google. To do so, they have combined efforts with WebiMax, TopSeos.com #1 ranked Internet marketing firm in the nation. 3City Advertising combinines our nation's best SEO and PPC techniques with creative greennovation to provide exceptional Internet Presence and online exposure. Second, to increase demand, 3City Advertising offers only three leasible spaces per website. Each website is designed for one city and one profession only (i.e. 3 Seattle Dentists .com). Third, to get their clients in front of their prospective patients, 3City Advertising implements an Internet Marketing strategy that precisely targets local search engine users searching for dentists, lawyers, realtors, etc. in their area. Finally...price. Because they are a small corporate entity, 3City Advertising has the luxury of offering a Nordstrom's quality product for a Good Will price. Finally, an internet advertising alternative that allows you to have your cake and eat it too.