• 2010

Company Description

Smart Contract Enabled Mobile Insurance App. It handles entire policy life cycle.

Fully developed Use Case for Smart Contract Enabled Mobile Insurance App. It is distribution channel and Policy administration system combined. Proposed solution handles entire policy life cycle: Quotes&Illustration, Policy Administration, and Claims. WHAT PROBLEM THEY ARE ADDRESSING? 1. Will open new market which currently not served due to inefficiencies in business model 2. Per McKinsey - their solution is 43% more efficient than traditional method of conducting Business 3. Per Deloitte - their solution is right formula to access Gen X - $7.1 trillion market share WHAT ARE THEIR NEEDS? They are looking for a partnership with Insurance carrier to go live with this pilot project. Their needs are: 1) Life Insurance Product that they can offer though the application. 2) $400k to get system production ready. Time frame - 4 month 3) 6-12 month to cover operating expenses. They expect to be profitable within 1st year, and repay all the investments made into the startup.

  • Manufacturer:

    Financial Services
  • Formed:

  • Founders:

    Dmitri Kosten
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  • Company Address:

    New City, NY
    United States
  • CEO:

    • Dmitri Kosten
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