Company Description

3D Pipeline Simulation is a Computer Software company.

HyperPipe, a core technology at 3D Pipeline Simulation was conceived in 1996 by Greg Passmore, a 27-year veteran simulation developer, to create a technology platform that would dramatically improve the price/performance ratio of simulation software. Using 3DPS’s innovative “HyperPipe” platform, the Company offers customers highly realistic physics-based simulation effects that run on off-the-shelf PCs. 3DPS has developed applications for the military, education, and entertainment industry, which, in the aggregate, represent $25 billion in purchases of simulation software from all sources. 3DPS products have been sold to major customers including Northrop/Grumman and the State of Kentucky Community College Network. In addition to development contracts, government grants, and product sales, 3DPS has raised substantial capital from angel investors to fund the development of the HyperPipe engine, composed of over 7 million lines of code.