• 2013

Company Description

3dim provides accurate 3D gesture sensor for the battery-powered mobile device.

3dim changes how you interact with your smart devices. We unleash natural interaction by providing the first accurate 3D gesture sensor for the battery-powered mobile device market. 3dim is based on a novel optical signal processing technique invented at MIT. Our patent-pending, award-winning technology dramatically reduces power and computation requirements and eliminates sensitivity to lighting conditions, making reliable gesture control on the go possible for the first time. Our cameraless, firmware-level solution eliminates the need for additional hardware components and enables rich gestural interaction with all your smart devices, be it your smart phone, your tablet, or your smart wearables. Leave your screen for display and interact in 3D. Gesture is the new touch.

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    Andrea Colaco
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    ZaloŇ°ka c. 200
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    • Andrea Colaco