• 2016 June 28

Company Description

Finally, creating and viewing Augmented Reality becomes as fast and flexible as using a QR-Code.

With the rapidly progressing shift from stationary computers to mobile on-the-go internet usage, companies today face a growing problem: How to deliver exciting, user-friendly content to the small screens of their customer's smartphone, ideally corresponding to the product they are currently looking at in the real world? Until now, the only options available - mainly QR-Codes leading to 'responsive' websites or special augmented reality apps - are hardly usable: While Augmented Reality delivers great interactive 3D-user-experiences for high cost and high entry-barriers, QR-Codes are cheap and easily usable but could only deliver static, old-fashioned content. At 3DQR, we developed a new universal solution to this problem, by effectively combining the two technologies. With our new automated 3DQR-platform, companies can now easily build their own full augmented reality experiences to be placed onto ordinary QR-Codes, for only a small monthly fee.