• 2014 February 01

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3-Dimensional Trading by 3DT Inc. is a revolutionary new fully automated, algorithmic-driven, non-subjective software system.

3-Dimensional Trading by 3DT Inc. is a revolutionary new fully automated, algorithmic-driven, non-subjective, non-speculative software system for the trading of currencies on the Forex market. ''3DT'' levels the playing field with the world’s largest institutional traders. Now small to mid-sized investors and institutions can enjoy the same trading advantages experienced by the select few. 3DT offers exceptional profitability (licensed users typically earning 3% to 10%+ monthly) coupled with advanced risk management procedures that dramatically reduce drawdowns. Users open their own private and totally controlled accounts at approved clearing firms. 3DT is licensed to send electronic signals in to trade these accounts. Check out the stunning performance metrics at www.3DTinc.com. 3DT is very sophisticated containing thousands of lines of code…the software, middleware, API’s and plug-ins that connect 3DT to several global clearing firms. 3DT utilizes a conservative ''Money Management Approach'' to trading. The software goes both long and short concurrently, utilizing only a small fraction of investment capital in normal operations. Profits are extracted from the market intra-day by market movement and volatility instead of market direction. It's strictly a black box mathematical play void of subjective input. It is a proven and reliable solution having been traded under developmental brand names for 7 years in numerous accounts. Although 3DT works across various asset classes, it is focused on the Forex market. The Forex is the world's largest and most liquid market trading a notional value of $5.3 trillion USD daily. Currency trading is in the ''Managed Futures'' realm of investing. Yet, ''Alternative Investment'' strategies such as futures and currency swaps are now ''Mainstream.'' According to a recent article in Registered Rep Magazine, even such a conservative institution as Yale University now devotes one-quarter of its endowment portfolio to managed futures.

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    May 1, 2014
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