• 2014 April 08

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3DTupo.com (3D突破) is China's leading resource on 3D printing, delivering daily news, educational resources and community networking.

3DTupo.com (3D突破) is a website resource for the Chinese community on everything related to 3D printing. We provide the latest news on development of 3D printing technologies, products, stories of personalities involved in 3D printing as well as delivering daily news, educational resources and community networking within the Greater China region. Partnering with 3D Printing Industry (www.3dprintingindustry.com), we are planning to develop a cross~border, multi~language e~commerce platform matching suppliers of products & services with professionals, enthusiasts and laypersons so to accelerate growth of 3D printing in China and worldwide. 3DTupo.com (3D突破)是中国本土3D打印的一站式资源平台。与战略合作伙伴3dprintingindustry.com的紧密合作,合作伙伴3D打印工厂具备世界领先的3D打印资源优势。我们提供在3D打印科技的产品、行业内个人成功经验同时不间断刷新新闻、教育资讯及大中华区内的社会交流活动。我们的目标是在专业领域建立更广阔的兴趣关注,从而加快3D打印在中国及世界领域的更大发展。

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    December 8, 2014
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    Studio 1802, 18th Floor, 68-74 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong S.A.R., China