• 2010

Company Description

3ERP is specializing in rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing services.

3E offers a wide range of prototyping & manufacturing services to capture the best of what rapid prototyping companies have to offer. Their professionals can assist you with the development of your product from the first inception of a concept through mass production. They provide their clients with rapid prototyping services that include photographic material, functionality reports, conceptualizing, working through large and small scale productions, aesthetic appeal, budget and foam models, block work and architectural issues. Their company is based in China and they pride theirselves on offering the best rapid prototyping services at highly competitive rates, capitalizing on all the benefits available to us and sharing them with their clients. Their rates for labor work such as painting, polishing, and silkscreen on CNC models are some of the best available. 3E- Rapid Prototyping is also happy to offer Vacuum Casting, laser engraving finish, custom CNC machining and sheet metal forming at highly competitive rates as well. Their mission is to create long lasting relationships with their clients that enables them to utilize all of their prototyping services to create amazing prototypes for their business. Their experts have the experience to handle even the most complicated prototypes and yet still deliver them with a personal touch, keeping their client’s satisfaction their primary concern. With client satisfaction being of the utmost importance to their team, high quality products are the natural result of their innovative rapid prototyping services here. They are proud of their prototyping and simply love to help their clients achieve their goals.