• 2005

Company Description

3Roam provides microwave transmission equipment for wireless and packet networks convergence.

3Roam designs, manufactures, and sells equipment gear for wireless backhaul infrastructure. It offers wireless cellular backhaul solutions; equipment gear solutions to connect access sites to the network; WiMAX backhaul solutions that provides ethernet/Internet protocol (IP) links for WiMAX base stations; fixed networks solutions for wireless transport between DSLAMs and networks; and private networks solutions, which provides IP wireless transmission between sites. Founded in 2005, 3Roam is a leading innovator in advanced networking solutions for wireless backhaul. 3Roam focuses on the growing demand for capacity in mobile operators and broadband service providers networks, by providing a range of high-capacity Ethernet and IP microwave transmission equipments. 3Roam is based and manufactures its products in France, and provides a complete range of microwave transmission equipments, integrating advanced networking capabilities, starting with complete Ethernet based platform up to IP and MPLS processing equipment. 3Roam equipments enable wireless point-to-point links starting from 2Mbps up to over a Gigabit per sec. over distance ranging up to 80km. 3Roam's WLS500 Series is the today's industry's most cost optimized solution in the industry to create Gigabit-class packet point-to-point connections for use in cellular backhaul, IPTV, CCTV streams or any business critical application.