• 2013 July 01

Company Description

Matching software projects with the right development team

3Seeds is a curated platform that matches startups and IT projects with the right development team. 3Seeds delivers UK-based software project management, which uses best practice models to ensure that your software project is developed at outsourcing prices and London quality by the most suitable team from our hand-picked network of nearshore development teams. We focus on 3 areas in making sure the projects we tackle are successful: 1. make sure the client has the right specifications for the project, so that the expectations and budget can be set up properly (we do this by providing professional assistance when needed); 2. find the most suitable development team, based on the project specifications, the communication style and budget (we do this by carefully analyzing our network of hand-curated development teams); 3. make sure the project is delivered in terms, by supervising the entire project development or entirely taking charge of the project management (by having a Project Supervisor - Master PM - or directly a PM).

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    March 1, 2013
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    Gabriel Dombri
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    St. John Street
    United Kingdom
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    • Gabriel Dombri