• 2013

Company Description

3Top is a U.S.-based startup that changes the way individuals rank, review, and get recommendations for everything.

3Top is looking to change the way they rank, review, and get recommendations for anything and everything. The firm was born from the fact that despite ubiquitous online ratings and reviews, the current offerings are poor at providing useful recommendations and social interaction. The 3Top ranking and recommendation platform abandons the common 5 star rating approach and allows you to rank your 3Top choices in any category. These categories are user defined and can be as broad or specific as the subject warrants. The added context that can be provided by the category makes the rankings far more meaningful than a 1-5 star rating, more conducive to sharing, and allows recommendations to be more accurate.

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    Michael Brams
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    55 Broad St.
    New York, NY
    United States
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    • Michael Brams