• 2013

Company Description

The easiest way for innovative businesses and 3D print services to optimize 3D workflows are 3D printing services online

3YOURMIND digitizes Additive Manufacturing processes to make industrial 3D printing efficient, maximize 3D machine utilization and spread adoption throughout organizations. The future of production innovation is linked to efficient Additive Manufacturing. Our digital platforms eliminate the current barriers that are slowing the adoption of AM across every sector of manufacturing. 3YOURMIND directly partners with industry leaders (DAX 30 companies) to identify and respond to specific demands. Our AM Part Identifier instantly analyzes large part databases to automate the identification of suitable parts for Additive Manufacturing. The Enterprise platform digitizes the organization of 3D production flows. 3D print services use the eCommerce platform to instantly commercialize their production capacity. These innovative solutions have propelled our growth to become the leader in industrial 3D printing software. The E-commerce Platform provides a 3D order fulfillment platform for 3D Printing Services and provides a professional access point to receive 3D prints requests 24/7 via the automated ordering system. They access a similar optimization quite to manage queues, boost income and increase printer utilization. This solution was developed specifically for additive manufacturing companies to streamline their internal workflow and increase profits.