• 2004 September 08

Company Description

4INFO’s US largest addressable identity graph.

4INFO is a fast-growing American mobile technology company solving the mobile attribution challenge for national brand advertisers to measure the ROI that matters most: sales lift at the cash register. 4INFO provides audience targeting solutions to publishers, agencies, and brands, 1:1 targeting across multiple screens, including PC and laptops, and patented household ID technology—Bullseye ID—ties 152 million mobile devices and 300 million PCs to 101 million U.S. households, or nearly 100% of the U.S. smartphone user population. Their technology sees more than 120 billion ad requests monthly. The AdHaven Platform enables 1-to1 precision targeting and measurement at scale, with no limitations, the same precision as online and direct mail advertising. At the center of the AdHaven Platform are a next-generation mobile ad server, an audience and data management platform, plus an analytics platform that combine to deliver advanced targeting and ROI. Patent Nos. 8,792,909 and 8,880,097 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office protect the technology at the core of the AdHaven Bullseye platform. 4INFO self-imposes a rigorous process to ensure the data it gathers, shares and uses to aim mobile ads at consumers is protected and near-impossible to connect to an individual. In doing so, the company incorporated privacy-by-design, a practice oft-discussed in privacy circles yet new if not unknown to most marketers. 4INFO spends at least 30% more to store data in a way that helps prevent privacy infringements than it would cost if it stowed its data in a less-secure manner. That means spreading data points associated with a specific user ID across several servers located in multiple physical locations so it cannot be compiled easily into one user profile by outside systems or hackers. In addition, AdHaven partners with the world’s leading data providers, inventory exchanges and ad sources to bridge the gap between mobile inventory and online advertising spend. 4INFO’s partnership with Acxiom allows 4INFO to offer Acxiom data within the AdHaven Bullseye product, providing direct 1:1 matches with consumer data within financial services, retail and automotive sectors. Through partnership with Datalogix, 4INFO AdHaven Bullseye can target mobile advertising on over 500 Datalogix segments, including demographic, finance, lifestyles, philanthropy, retail, seasonal, subscription services, television viewing habits and custom segments. Through partnership with Nielsen, 4INFO is able to offer Nielsen segmentation solutions, including ConneXions, P$YCLE and PRIZM. ConneXions provides consumer segments based on the combination of technology adoption, age and family structure. Nielsen P$YCLE enables advertisers to target segments based on income producing assets and a wide variety of financial and investment behaviors. Nielsen PRIZM provides segments based on consumer product consumption, lifestyles and purchase behaviors. 4INFO uses Nielsen Buyer Insights to directly measure the sales impact of mobile advertising campaigns, incorporating Nielsen data into the newest option within its TruView measurement platform. TruView solves a problem advertisers commonly struggle with – to measure the sales impact of their mobile advertising campaigns while sourcing sales data from hundreds or thousands of retail locations, as well as via e-commerce and m-commerce. In addition to leveraging 4INFO’s mobile technology, this TruView option enables advertisers to measure sales connected to media exposure without requiring the advertiser to provide transaction data. Through partnership with BrightRoll, 4INFO AdHaven Bullseye can target video advertising reaching audiences across web, mobile, and connected TV. In 2015, 4INFO and DMG Solutions announced a strategic alliance creating solutions to change the way marketers approach Multicultural Marketing in the United States and target specific audiences. A privately held company, 4INFO’s brand ad revenue has tripled consecutively since 2012 — and continues to experience exponential growth. Leading brands — including 8 of the top 10 largest CPG companies, 6 of the 10 largest retailers, and 5 of the largest auto manufacturers — rely on 4INFO’s scale and experience to deliver their mobile and cross-channel campaigns. 4INFO collaborates with trusted 3rd party data providers of purchase and lifestyle data — including Acxiom, Experian, Nielsen, and Nielsen Catalina Solutions. Additional Partners: AOL Platforms, Amobee, Appnexus, Catalina, Catalist, Celtra Q, dlxAuto by Polk, Datamyx, Inneractive, Linkable Networks, LiveRail, Medialets, Millennial Media, MoPub, Nexage, Opera Mediaworks, Phluant, Placed, Rubicon Project, Shoplocal, Speedeon, Vdopia. On the forefront of mobile innovation since 2004, 4INFO is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.