• 2012 March 01

Company Description

4Less is an Australia-based technology company creating online marketplaces where consumers compete to buy and retailers compete to sell.

A new way to Buy4Less. No longer do retailers set the price, you Name Your Price.... Firstly, you do your research online for that golf product you want to buy. Checkout your favorite online stores both here and overseas. Ask your mates. Buy the latest Golf Magazine. All the stuff you love to do... Then go online and visit golf4less.com.au, Australia's golf online marketplace. Search and find the golf product you want to buy, they are all listed on the site with great photos and product descriptions. Choose the right options for you and now the fun starts ... You look at the RRP and then you Name Your Price for the product, not a silly price but an intelligent price based on your research. The Name Your Price offer is sent to multiple retailers. They see your price, they know it's a fair price based on research. Other people can also make offers to buy the same product based on your research. Two retailers match your offer and set their Buy4Less price based on this. Another retailer decides on a higher price. Someone else has Named their Price, $15 lower than yours. Now, you have created your very own online marketplace with multiple retailers competing to sell. You edit your Name Your Price offer, reducing it a further $10. A retailer accepts this offer. Now you have to move quickly, as the text message tells you that this Buy4Less price is available for anyone to buy on the site. It's first come, first served. It's a great price. You know someone else is also interested at a similar price. You simply choose the Buy4Less price that your now completely happy with then go to the checkout and pay for the product. The retailer that sold you the product ships the item directly to you from their store. No auctions, no group buying just connecting you to great bargains from local Australian based retailers wanting to sell at your price. It's a simple new way to Golf4Less.