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Forensics, Intelligence, Correlation and Analysis for IoT devices

4n6 @home device the idea arises from the analysis of the challenges in investigation field as well as from the innovation of technology. The idea deals with the creation of a forensics solution (hardware and software) to collect data and information generated from IoT devices. This solution gives the investigators the ability to collect, analyze and correlate the information also in order to protect their originality, integrity and authenticity. In this way these data can then be used in a legal proceeding.This new solution for Household Appliance, Home Entertainment system, embedded systems or in general all IoT devices, will help to extract all data and all logs, in forensics way, offering investigators (forensics expert, Law enforcement, etc) innovative functionalities allowing them to collect and analyze new evidences for the resolution of the case. This solution introduces the new and innovative concept to acquire evidences in a crime scene. As the are no competitors in this particular field.

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    Prof. Ing. Antonio Mauro
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    • Prof. Ing. Antonio Mauro
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