• 2011 March 01

Company Description

4s91.com is a domestic website focused on an official automatic transaction platform for games.

4s91.com (玖易网) is a domestic official automatic transaction platform for games. Its transaction services involve outfits, money, accounts, cards, characters, and props of web games. Players can directly obtain or purchase equipment, coins, or characters through 4s91.com or an official cooperative interface. In July, 2010, 4s91.com received virtual trade license of network culture operations permit issued by Ministry of Culture, which made it a legal virtual goods transaction service supplier authorized by the country. 4s91.com was launched in March, 2011.

  • Manufacturer:

  • Formed:

    March 1, 2011
  • Company Website:

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  • Company Address:

    Room 422, Tianyi Building, No.115 Shuiyin Road
  • CEO:

    • Jing Yang
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