• 2011

Company Description

4Sync is a free service that makes all the files at your computer streamlined and stored in one place, but accessible anywhere you want. This service synchronizes your photos, music, zips, videos, docs, etc. between all your devices. You just have to save the file in the 4Sync folder and then you'll get immediate access to it from any device which has Internet connection. With 4Sync you share, transfer and back up files in a glimpse of an eye.Memory is not perfect. Sync it!The messiest place in the world is our memory. We pack there dozens of information every day and then try to find out necessary items. The same thing is with computers. Moreover, with plenty of other data storage devices we more and more dawdle over searching where the right file is.With 4Sync application everything changes. You save files within one folder, and then access it anywhere you want. You want to update the file - it can't be easier. Work with your files as you regularly work. All the updates will be saved. You are enabled to view your files offline too.If you have gigs of music and are afraid of losing them, your kids are future inventors and start their career with your PC, so that after their experiments you can't find your docs there... 4Sync solves those problems. Be sure, that 4Sync takes care about the backup copy. Simplicity is secure with 4Sync.