• 2013 November 28

Company Description

4talk is a unique cloud messaging service

4talk, multiplatform messaging service, will appeal to both occasional and heavy users of instant messaging apps. Each of them will find a number of distinctive features to fit modern user’s needs. It boasts usual features one would expect from a messaging app, i.e. unlimited one-to-one, group or conference chat, multimedia messaging or emoticons. What makes it a truly addictive messenger app is its approach to storing all conversation data in the cloud for an easy access from an unlimited number of handheld or desktop devices that run on all major operating systems. Getting to a specific location in an unknown town or inviting a friend to a dinner party can all be done via 4talk. It’s location sharing is a much needed addition sought after by social addicts. If previously data file recipient had to be online to receive it, now it is irrelevant. 4talk users can send documents and files even if their peers are offline, since all conversation history is stored in the cloud for an easy access later on, should a need occur. Moreover, each user gets free 15GB cloud storage as standard. 4talk cloud instant messaging service is developed by 4talk Global Inc., an international organisation with its headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company has representative offices in Russia, Ukraine and Hong Kong. 4talk is a unique cloud messaging service operated from servers located in Europe, United States and Russia.

  • Manufacturer:

    Information Technology
  • Formed:

    November 28, 2013
  • Founders:

    Sergey Kravtsov
  • Company Website:

  • Company E-mail:

  • Company Address:

    A. Gostauto g. 40
  • CEO:

    • Sergey Kravtsov
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