• 2008

Company Description

52 Pieces is an artwork by Renee Coates. A totaling of 52 Pieces a year original art, limited edition prints, and stories about each piece.

WHAT'S 52 PRINTS ALL ABOUT? 52 Prints is an offshoot of 52 Pieces, the weekly art auction site. 52 Prints gives you hot-off-the-press limited edition prints of the original paintings featured on 52 Pieces. We developed 52 Prints as a way to make fine artwork affordable, so you can decorate your home, office, or dorm room... or give the gift of art! WHO'S BEHIND 52 PRINTS? Hana-Maui artist Renee Coates creates the artwork and supervises the giclee printing process. You can read her bio here. Andy Louis-Charles manages all the awesome business stuff, and keeps the genius ideas flowing. WHY 52? There are 52 weeks in a year, and we unveil a new print every week. HOW DOES THE PRICING WORK? We use a super-cool countdown cart with a scaling price model. Print #1 is $1, Print #2 is $2, and so on. HOW CAN I GET PRINT #1? So you want to be an early bird! Sign up here for a nudge as soon as a new print goes on sale. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PRINTS? All prints are the same size and quality. The only difference is Prints #1-50 are unmatted and Prints #51-100 come with free archival double matting and free shipping. WHAT MAKES MY PRINT SO SPECIAL? Regardless if you get Print #1 or #100, you get the same high-quality giclee print using archival pigment inks on watercolor paper. All prints are hand-numbered and signed by the artist, and come with a certificate of authenticity. Your print is part of a limited edition of 100, which means we'll never make more of that print in that size. CAN I GET A LARGER SIZE PRINT? Each image is available in two sizes. The smaller size (7' x 7' on 8.5' x 11' sheet) is reprinted in the largest batch (an edition of 100) and sold using the scaling price model ($1-100). The larger size (24' x 24') is printed on canvas in a smaller quantity (a limited edition of 52) and sold for $1,000 apiece by special request. WHY SHOULD I INVEST IN LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK? Anyone who has set foot in a gallery can tell you that you can't get a limited edition print for $1. Even a $100 is a rare find. Editions of 100 are considered small and especially exclusive. So we're rewarding rabid fans who need their art fix, but are price sensitive. Late-comers pay a little more, but still get to be part of the limited edition. Your image becomes more valuable over time, especially as more are sold and it gains popularity. HOW CAN I GET AN ORIGINAL? Original pieces are unveiled every Sunday at 11:52 p.m. (EST) on 52 Pieces, and auctioned until the next week. So far every original has sold, so make sure you subscribe to 52 Pieces to see each week's piece and bid!