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'Video Will Be Posted April 3,2015 Musician services they are planning to move into a one stop shop that will equip all independant artist with all tools they need from merch to bloggers and promotions.Weare aiming to start with their #CornerBoy Clothing starting easy with their Tee-Shirt designs.Then move into other original Urban Wear.They have a business a team in selected markets and colleges that will participate in their start up sales.My job is to gain capitol to for us to begin their mission. They were told to try to get investors to help us get their other products designed especially on this website.I can throw out some more examples such as their music device that is easy to code to play mp3's.The problem is the shape and size they want it to be.All these things can be disclosed with an investor.Hopefully they can grow their business and relationships with a few investors willing to help their vision.

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    Media and Entertainment
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    Yahyah Muhammad
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    • Yahyah Muhammad
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