• 2011 March 19

Company Description

5minutes is an online platform that enables creative professionals to develop personal websites.

5minutes empowers creative professionals to build websites optimized for revenue in 5 minutes or less. 5minutes is a design led, all-in-one platform for creative professionals that helps them to get a full-fledged web presence: all sites are optimized to look good on mobile devices and to be indexed and ranked by Google for relevant keywords in a few hours (the average time to get indexed is two weeks). 5minutes also assists users to sell digital and physical products (stock photos, wedding albums, prints, etc all through the same platform), to identify who to follow on Twitter & Facebook in order to grow their social graph and to come up with and schedule daily updates on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn in order to get more leads. We got more than 4,000 people signed up for a paid subscription on our landing page. In the last few years, the three cofounders worked together with professionals and companies like Universal, Incase, or Lexus to help them do the same thing that 5minutes helps with: look good online and sell stuff.