• 2010

Company Description

5Rocks provides business intelligence and data analysis for mobile game developers.

5Rocks is a Korean startup that provides a mobile game analytics service, “5Rocks”. Its main service feature is segment-specific user behavior analytics that provides detailed analysis of users appropriate to the characteristics of different types of games, and enables the simultaneous operation and marketing of a game based on those results. Recognized for its technical excellence, 5Rocks received 2.55 billion KRW (2.3 million USD) from Japanese venture capital firm, Global Brain, in August 2013 and launched in the Japanese market. The company currently has about 450 clients around the world, including in South Korea, Japan, US, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, and is planning to enter the U.S. market in 2014. 5Rocks, which was founded in September 2010, raised 2 billion KRW (1.8 million USD) in a Series A round from Stonebridge Capital in May 2011.