• 2002 September 22

Company Description

63336 is a AI-enabled Q&A service that answers to various questions through a combination of databases and human researchers.

63336 Limited (formerly known as IssueBits) provides the 63336 (formerly known as AQA) text question and answer service. Launched in April 2002, 63336 has answered over 20 million questions from 2 million customers in Ireland and UK as of August 2009. Founded by ex Psion and Symbian executives, Colly Myers (CEO), Bill Batchelor (Development Director) & Paul Cockerton (Communications Director), 63336 was the world's first premium text based Q&A service. The answers are provided through a combination of databases and human researchers - 63336 uses home based researchers to provide the information. 63336 Limited was self funded, has had no external funding, reached break-even within 18 months of launching.