• 2010

Company Description

6cure is a highly innovative company, providing best-of-breed security solutions against cyber-attacks.

They gained their expertise working within the security laboratory of a French Telecom operator in the areas of intrusion detection and cyber-attack response. They specialise in cyber-security incident response, and develop cyber-attack response solutions, with more than 10 years of proven results, firstly with an operator, then with companies working in various business areas. Drawing on their initial success, they have created effective offers for smart attack prevention, enabling their customers to improve their response time and resistance to malicious attacks that target the availability of their critical services. Their solutions deal with the challenges faced by internet stakeholders, large organisations, companies and institutions, either for their own needs or to provide their customers with a value-added service. The versatility and simplicity of 6cure solutions make them easy to integrate and give the option of installing or supplementing and adding value to security measures for companies.