• 2014

Company Description

6Tribes connects people based on shared interests and lifestyles

6Tribes is a brand new app that connects people based on shared interests and lifestyles, rather than who they went to school with, and in so doing provides people with an entirely new way of discovering great content and meeting people with the same passions, causes and interests. 6Tribes analyses your posts, likes, music and places you’ve been to, to find the perfect tribes for you. Anthony Rose, CEO of 6Tribes and the man behind the BBC iPlayer, explains: “Our research showed that people are looking to connect around lifestyles, ideas and topics, and are looking for an alternative to the increasing amount of irrelevant content filling their news feed in existing social networks. We created 6Tribes to connect people with groups of like-minded people, or tribes, for an entirely new way to meet, connect and belong. Whatever you’re into, you’ll be with the people who absolutely get you.”

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    Metal Box Factory, 30 Great Guildford St
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