• 2012

Company Description

700BIKE is an Internet company to promote bicycle culture.

700BIKE is an Internet company to promote bicycle culture, is committed to building a lifestyle and sports aesthetics include new Internet community. With fashion, the trend of the way to guide and transfer bicycle culture, science and technology to make exercise more, so riding attributed to life. 700BIKE within two years after the start-up established by virtue of the professional authority and spread the energy industry, a pioneer in the field of media power bike vertical; and the use of its advantages in resources integration, held, including 'retro riding', 'Gu Chi Open, 'a series of influential events, the cumulative number of participants nearly 10,000 people will be riding the cultural depth perception and conception.

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    Room 201-1 Building 1 Meishuguan Houjie No.77 Dongcheng District