Company Description

72 horas is a telecommunication company specializes in machine-to-machine communications solutions.

Experts in M2M communications technology to the elevator. Telemetry and Telecontrol, reduce costs and bring technological solutions. 72horas is a young dynamic company with a desire for a constant innovation and large experience in telecommunications. 72horas is an active partner in a network of companies that dedicate their efforts to make work easier for elevator maintainers and final clients based on new technologies. 72horas was founded to cover a market niche that no company had found a solution to. As a telecommunications company registered as a national operator by the National Telecommunications Commission 72horas has become a number one company specialized in communications M2M (machine-to-machine) for elevators in Spain. At this moment in Spanish territory there are approximately 340 companies that install and maintain elevators and 180 are 72horas clients or approximately 30% of the market.