• 2006

Company Description

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7Mainstreet is the first company to combine social networking, e-commerce, and comprehensive business listings. 7Mainstreet helps organizations of all sizes: Establish a branded online presence quickly and easily - at no cost! Advertise their products and services Sell products and services online in real-time Connect with millions of other organizations and individuals Build relationships with other businesses Track what customers are saying about them Grow revenues online and offline 7Mainstreet enables businesses to take advantage of Web 2.0 resources with robust, easy-to-use tools. 7Mainstreet is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. We founded 7Mainstreet because we recognized that businesses needed a place to go online where they can branch out and meet new customers and contacts that actually matter to them. Today's online communities such as Myspace and Facebook offer neither the target audience nor the features and functionality to help businesses grow and network.