• 2011

Company Description

7WebPages offers web development, back-end, and data scrapping and aggregation services.

What does 7WebPages? - Custom and complex web sites for lean start ups - Backends for IPhone/Android apps (RESTfull API) - Data aggregation and scrapping - Collaboration with different API's (Facebook, Twitter, etc) TECHNOLOGY For backend: - Python (Django, Flask) - A lot of packages for django: Django-South, Celery, Django-Social-Auth, Django-Registration; - Sphinx-search Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis) For frontend: Twitter-Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, LESS Enviroment: - Debian/Ubuntu - Heroku - Amazon EC2, S3 - GitHub/Bitbucket - We follow the best programming practices, such us: Test Driven Development, Continuos Integration We use GIT as a version control system.