• 2008 February 01

Company Description

80legs offers a web-crawling service that delivers a better crawling performance at low costs.

80legs is a web-crawling service that delivers exceptional crawling performance at incredibly low costs. 80legs is powered by a grid computing architecture consisting of over 50,000 computers. This unique architecture allows 80legs to provide the fastest crawling possible while maintaining affordable pricing for its users. The service provides a variety of tools for users to completely customize their web crawls. Users can use a web form, an API or an application framework to design their own crawling and processing logic. 80legs automatically handles link parsing, de-duplication, redirects, throttling and other crawling challenges so that users can focus on generating results. The company offers a variety of pre-built 80apps that can be used for pattern matching, content gathering, or site-specific analysis. Data feeds for information from various sites are offered as well, as well as consulting services to meet specific needs.

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    Information Technology
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    May 1, 2008
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    1250 Wood Branch Park Dr #405
    Houston, TX
    United States