• 2011

Company Description

Software development and technical operations for startups

9-1-1 Labs, Inc. creates consumer, commercial, and white-label products and technologies for the public safety marketplace. Drawing on the experience of its founder’s thirty years of experience in public safety both on the “front line” as a paramedic, firefighter, and 9-1-1 center director, as well as in senior technical architecture roles for some of the major commercial providers in the industry, the company is actively developing new technology for consumers, public safety agencies, and for the Next Generation 9-1-1 industry. The company’s primary consumer product is a patent-pending application for connecting schools and caregivers to parents in urgent and emergent situations.  FamAlert is a SaaS application that allows a family to provision a unique telephone number to be given out as the primary emergency contact for a student.  When called, the system simultaneously calls one or more tiers of designated contacts, connecting all those that answer into a conference call in order to manage the emergency. Tactical Event is the company’s initial public safety agency offering.  The SaaS/Mobile applications streamline event planning and real-time dispatch and management for major planned and unplanned events, a special and underserved segment of the public safety marketplace. 9-1-1 Labs also develops both front-end and back-end systems, user interfaces, and software for the coming Next Generation 9-1-1 network, on behalf of its industry partners and clients.

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    Daniel Zacek
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    1942 Broadway St., Suite 314
    Boulder, CO
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    • Daniel Zacek