• 2013 June 30

Company Description

90sec Technologies offers 90sec, a social application that assists users in daily tasks and decision-making processes.

90sec Technologies is the company developing the '90sec' mobile app, launched in November 2013. The basic idea behind 90sec is to enable users to ask their followers any '90sec question' and receive results in 90 seconds from posting the question. A '90sec question' is a multiple choice question, combined with text and image, and up to four choice options, which the follower receives by a push notification and needs just to tap on the 'my choice' button of his favorite answer. After tapping their replies, all followers are waiting to view results together, once the 90 seconds timer is done. 90sec is a social app born to assist the user in any daily task and decision making process, but holds benefits to professionals such as Brands (engagement with their clients / fans), TV Shows (second screen solution to involve viewers in the live show) and more. Along with 90sec app comes a control platform to enable 90sec users to manage their app usage from the PC, to get statistical information regarding their questions and choice options, to send branded 90sec questions and more.