Company Description (大童网) is a Chinese online supermarket that sells insurance products. (大童网) is a Chinese online supermarket that sells insurance products. It is also a professional finance and insurance e-commerce platforms that combines the service modes of ''online interactive service '' and ''individual service on site''. Datong integrates the users' experiences of ''rich collection of commodities '' and ''easiness in order-placing and purchasing'', along with the service contents of ''financial products for selecting and purchasing'' and ''full service and handling.” Datong is also the only insurance e-commerce platform that adopts both B2C and O2O business modes in China. Headquartered in Beijing, the company registered a capital is 10 million yuan. It comprehensively operates life insurance, property insurance intermediary service businesses, and other lawful financial product sales service businesses. By bringing in more than 1000 kinds of financial and insurance merchandise from over 40 insurance vendors, it has become the largest online insurance supermarket and insurance transaction platform in mainland China.

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    Financial Services
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    East Road, 20th working BIL International Building A, 25 floor